What's Your Ride?

Im looking to let go of my minivan for a ford ranger. Anybody else drive those? What do you guys like and/or dont like about them?

Here’s a pic of what im looking to buy.



I currently fit everything into my Honda Civic, my WFP, tank, screen washer, towels, soaps, squeegees, soap applicators, extension poles, 18 foot portable ladder, it all fits in but it’s a lot like Tetris in my car. It can tackle most jobs easily around here. Until my van gets on the road, my friend brings a 28 foot fiberglass ladder on his truck when I need him to.

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I love my Ranger! Perfect size for me and work


I got a ram 1500… I love it… it towes my pressure washing rig like a dream, and all my window washing tools just hang out in the bed or in the truck with me


I have a ranger extended cab. It works great in my opinion. For now I have a ladder rack and for the tools I use the orange homer buckets for squeegee channels and my detergents in the other bucket. Keeps them organized. Next will be a side toolbox.


20180510_05065506 Chevy Colorado


Just got a update to my ranger. Got a estimate for vinyl wrap for sides and tailgate to have bullet points of services that I provide. Next week will update with pictures. Door magnets will be set aside to collect dust.

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Well I bought the ranger! Its pretty nice. I have a little bit of storage behind the seats for towels and my belt and a few other things. I’m going look for some good ideas for storage. I thought about putting in a storage rail, like the rubbermaid brand or kobalt, but I dont want to give up room to lean back in the seat.


Share some photos when its finished !

Mitsubishi RVR 2015. People seem to really like the roof rack mounted tube. I keep my extensions poles in there. After years of having my poles just in my car, I love this upgrade. And it’s a nice way to advertise.


So here is the mock up for my ranger. I swear leaving truck driving has been the best thing ever. Yes there are bumps in the road, but they are small bumps. But being your own boss is so worth it. Screenshot_20180802-182352_Yahoo%20Mail


Thanks for sharing, I like your tube Idea for the extension pole.

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So that’s your wash rig huh ? What kind of machine is that ?

Hey Dan, flip that ball mount over and it will lower the front of that trailer. It will ride better and be safer on the road. Like this:



I did already. The pic is from my first hook up. Thanks though!

I did a detailed description, links are easier:

Dan’s 4gpm 4,000 psi custom built PW


No problem. I can’t lay claim to the idea, I have seen a lot of roof mounted tubes, I just figured out how to make one myself (was easy), and the lettering was my idea.

It works really well because it stands above other cars and vans, great for visibility, and people wonder what the tube is for so they take a close look. Most people ask me why I have a bazooka on my suv. Lol.

Sweet. A get out of my bazooka launcher for traffic chaos lol.

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Check out mine… simple yet has all the cool perks and quirks. 20180808_11190820180808_112317

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That is a thing of beauty. I hope to upgrade to something similar next spring.

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