What's Your Ride?

Thanks. And yeah man. This is a pretty simple setup. Not including the machine, here in the U.S. your looking at about 2200 bucks for the trailer and tank. Oh and idk if you knew or not, but I am crypes from pwra lol.

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Get a remote unloader block and save your pump. Also, keep a close eye on that Fimco tank, they get brittle if they are the sun a lot and develop cracks. Next thing you know your chemicals are leaking all over the ground.

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Good to know, thank you! I was thinking of doing an unloader block. But I’m gonna spend my money upgrading the pump first, to then which I think that would be a good idea for sure.

I love looking at other companies set ups/rigs. We are still working out of our only vehicle but it seems to work for now. We would like to get a chevy Colorado or perhaps an F150. I like the MPG of the Colorado more than the F150. Do any of you factor in driving time/distance into jobs that are outside of your normal area to compensate for the extra fuel expense?IMG_3713

Also we now have a WFP set-up that we fit in the back just behind our screen washer. It is a little tight for all the tools we carry.

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Yes I factor in drive time over 10 miles away for my case. Hope you find what truck will work for your business. I used to work out of a ford focus.

2014 Dodge Grand Caravan! Everything including a 25ft articulated ladder fits inside! Looking to get a cargo 4x6 trailer next spring!


If you are offering pressure washing, a trailer is a necessity, imho. Greetings from Ajax fellow Canuck!


Buy once, cry once. Get a big enough trailer for a big buffer tank and you’ll be golden.

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I started 7 years ago with a 10 speed bicycle pulling a Burley Nomad 2 wheeled bicycle trailer and a 24’ extension ladder strapped to the cargo rack on the trailer and the back end of the ladder in a kids bicycle trailer for rear ladder wheels. Then I bought a 1996 Mazda MPV 4WD and used that for 4 years before I got a 2002 Chevy Express 3500 van. I drove the Express for two years and did pressure washing out of that as well as mobile auto detailing. I sold the express about a year and a half ago and bought a 38’ diesel pusher school bus which I actually cleaned windows out of some… lol. Now the past 6 months I have used a 2000 Tacoma base model 5 speed pickup with a custom Swiss wedge utility topper. I love the setup I have now but need to upgrade wheels to 15", add heavy duty tires and install Airlift Ride Control bags ASAP. :slight_smile:20180824_090349_HDR


What machine are you using for pressure washing on this trailer? How do you go about building a setup like this one?

I’m using a [email protected] karcher pump with a gx390, it’s a simple setup really. Just a couple reels, a tank, a chem tank, some whip lines, nothing too serious. This is a very simple setup.

Cool thanks for the info!


Clearnewview, great history of your beginnings. I am doing windows and auto detailing. Question about your tube on top. Where did you get that?

I’ve had many different vehicles. Ranging from small trucks, an astro van, Ram 1500, but the work horse now is a Ford Ranger .


i drive a 94 mazda b2300 it is almost exactly the same as that ranger. i think it is awesome!

pros would be good on gas, simple, easy to cleanup to look professional,criuses the highway at 85 easily, easy to take care of and work on, easy to find parts

Cons are, limited on available engine mods, no cab space.

mine is the 2.4l 4 cylinder single cab but the ranger is available in many versions.
I worked for FISH a couple years ago and i drove their ranger and fell in love it was the v6 AWD and in Colorado it would be a more wise decision than the 4 cylinder RWD (you could always swap a v8 in from a mustang, may loose a couple MPGs lol)

plans for mine include a flatbed, bed box, ladder rack, wheels and a little bit of low and i think it will make a good Route Runner(thats the goal)

Over all it is a solid truck with many options for body mods,and will get he job done

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awesome man!!

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I’ve been happy with my ranger. 6 cylinder carries all my equipment great. A friend of mine has a full bed cap that gives a lot more covered space. Be picky when shopping! Don’t know where you’re located but I find good deals on 4x4s by going to FL

So I did a small upgrade to the ranger. I added a black matte finish side toolbox and a tube for the extension poles


Nice, gotta love having as much as your tools covered from the elements as possible!