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How to safely remove tape adhesive and/or other debris from windows that are tented? Thank you very much :blush:

Soapy water and elbow grease. No blades, no wool.

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Thank you very much!!

Advise the customer not to put tape or decals on tinted glass. Eventually it will react with the film and the sun may bake it to the film. Many times I will just not try to remove it, not worth the risk.


Great advice and much appreciated! Will do!

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One thing to realize is that you can’t always fix dumb things that people do.

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Thank you for reminding me of that very important thought process! Great advice!! Thanks much!! :+1:

Has any of you ever tried to use olive oil on adhesive on top of tent? Or would that also be a bad idea? Just curious…

I personally just decline. Its next to impossible. Even scrubbing to hard with a towel can damage tint.

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I do understand, thanks for sharing your wisdom!

sometimes you can use a magic erasure on some tinted films. Be very careful and test a spot before you do. If it is residential typically don’t use anything on the tint but soapy water, not even the scrub pad on the end of the mop. Commercial tinted film is usually stronger/thicker/heavier duty. Most businesses the tinted film is rough especially the doors from heavy usage of traffic. On those you can nearly do anything and it won’t matter because it is scuffed, scratched, wrinkled and peeled from wear and tear.

Also older tint starts delaminating and it will scratch and look cloudy because it is deteriorating. Not much you can do there and often it will get sticky. Hope this helps

I just throw this out there as a freebie, do not use any soapy solution on a window with an oil based painted lettering could react and damage the paint. Clean H2O only

I keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol just for that. The alcohol breaks down the residue and you can wipe it clean with a towel

Here is my solution for tint… Don’t.

I ran into actual mold spores embedded/baked into tint on a job last week. The only way I got anywhere was to use a synthetic chamois and a lot of soap. Chamois will not scratch car paint so theoretically should not scratch tint with tons of dish soap. It took most of the embedded mold off but was very time consuming. Also try Magic Eraser wet, but those will disintegrate easily if used wet. My last resort was to use a white pad (the very fine ones from WCR), but be very gentle and get the customer to sign a waiver. But if it is that bad, it is better to tell them don’t expect a miracle, and just mop and squeegee as usual.