First off I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful information! Luke and his lovely wife for the birth of this site.

My name is Carey Bray. I’ve been a professional carpet cleaner for a while. Due that customers have become really difficult to achieve. I have decided to adjust direction of business.

I now plan to predominantly operate with glass cleaning. I have done nothing more in the past than the average everyday window cleaning at home. This will be a great learning curve for me. My business needs a makeover. I feel this is a great opportunity.

I am 46 years old and I live in Alto Georgia. Just outside of Gainesville Georgia. I’m very small to say a one man band. I do have a very dependable hard-working young man who works with me. I’m starting of with Home Depot tools ( Unger). But we are ready to go.

Everything I’ve learned so far has been from Luke and Mrs. Luke. My partner and eye practice on my home. Our first technique practice was on the bathroom mirror :joy: