Newbie Question 4

What type of detergent are you guys using to wash your mops? Thank you

We don’t use any soap. Just water for our towels and mops in the washer.

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Thanks Luke!

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There is plenty of soap already in the mops from usage. Wash on cold with no detergent and sometimes run an extra spin cycle. Sometimes when it is super filthy we hit them with a pressure wand and they come right back. I would not wash them every time with a pw wand. I have had Unger Ninja mops last 2 years and also Moerman Blue Micro fiber mops last a long time using this method. Do not use a fabric softener nor put them in the dryer. Air dry on a clothesline is best


Thank you M. Lewis! That sounds good to me :+1:

Vinegar in the load thats it.