Dawn Soap

Not trying to start soap wars, but was just wondering since there is so many different dawn soap options in a store if they all have same cleaning power or one scent is better than other. I have been using the New Zealand scent, but that is discontinued I think. With the blue one original scent the problem I have is when inside of the house the smell is so STRONG that homeowner immediately knows that you are using dawn and nothing professional. I get asked a lot what soap I am using. Kinda embarrassed to say I am using just Dawn. What do you guys think?

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Never had a issue. Never been asked and if they did, i tell em dawn and ammonia. Ya use alot for window cleaning for it to smell strong? Im about a teaspoon a gallon.

Why be embarrassed?

Yeah, if they can smell it then you’re probably using too much.

I like the dawn with the baby seal on the front. That baby seal blubber really gives you a good glide.


Is that the blue one original?

I didn’t even know that was a thing, I’ll have to look for that when my baby ducks dawn runs out again. Lol!


Does anyone use this one or is this not good to use?

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Yeah the blue. It has a tang when you taste it.

But you can use pretty much anything. I like Dawn because it cuts grease.

The baby ducks is pretty good too. But i don’t like the taste as much as the baby seal version.

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I like the Dawn Heavy Duty. I like the scent and it seems like it has more slip than the original Dawn.

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Dawn heavy duty is way better than normal dawn!

It is hard on the hands but way worth it!

The degreaser kind? Or this one?https://www.amazon.com/Professional-Dishwashing-Detergent-Commercial-Restaurant/dp/B073W8TGLK/ref=pd_aw_fbt_328_img_3/140-0488530-8309717?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B073W8TGLK&pd_rd_r=df0ce1de-932f-11e9-9dd1-130484da88a6&pd_rd_w=MMPiE&pd_rd_wg=suL1m&pf_rd_p=3ecc74bd-d08f-44bd-96f3-d0c2b89f563a&pf_rd_r=8JE1RK6FR5RGZT4KR5KR&psc=1&refRID=8JE1RK6FR5RGZT4KR5KR

Don’t be embarrassed about using Dawn.

I just say I don’t like working with harsh chemicals and most of my clients would also rather I use something mild. I use Dawn because it’s mild, works as well as anything else I’ve tried and millions use it to clean their dishes which their kids eat off.

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Just like @AWindowCleaner said. I usually say it’s biodegradable so it’s better for the environment. It isn’t harsh on any plants under windows and ultimately I don’t want to use harsh chemicals everyday.
Most are quite happy with that.

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I use Dawn Platinum and I put 2 Tablespoons in a 5 gallon bucket or a quick line across both sides of my mop before getting started. Don’t need more than that. This is what I tell any client that asks what I use.

Dawn has been used for decades to remove crude oil from animals during marine accidents/spills. It is the ultimate degreaser that does not leave a residue or harm the surface or animals. What is the most common marking on a piece of glass that needs to clean off? Hand prints. Which is nothing more than our body oil smeared on the glass. So if it is strong enough to remove crude oil without causing damage, then it should be more than enough to remove body oils from glass.

Test this out next time, touch a piece of glass in front of a client and leave a hand print, wash your hands with dawn and dry them off with a clean towel. Put your hand on the glass again. No hand print.

Also, the makers taut it to leave a streak free shine on dishes and glasses, same holds true for window glass. It also rinses away without leaving a residue. I have found that some of these window cleaning chemicals that are marketed to consumers have an evaporative component like alcohol or ammonia, and a second component that leaves a film on the glass even after being wiped. I believe this is supposed to be a lubricant for use with paper towels. The problem is, this film is left behind on the glass and it attracts dust and dirt, allowing those particles to adhere to the surface more quickly and therefore the window is actually dirtier, faster. So then you need to use more of their chemical to clean the glass sooner, and it is a perpetual cycle for the consumer to use and buy more of their product.

Here in Germany the best one is Pril Ultra Plus concentrate. Also has been used on animals in the past.

Unless you are rinsing the windows with water (as Dawn dish soap was designed) then you are leaving a residue.

Dish soap was not designed for window cleaning, though many use it and have no problems.

I literally advertise “We clean windows, not dishes” and explain what window cleaning chemicals we use. So, yeah, there’s maybe one reason that home owners are giving you the eye…

Honestly, I absolutely love the Unger solution. The smell is amazing & it does a great job. I’ve had problems with dish soap - hot days especially - leaving streaks that weren’t immediately apparent, but magically appear 30m - 1h after I’ve hit the window. So I stopped using dish soap.

Disclaimer - I’m new to this world. But in my humble opinion, if there’s a bottle of something SPECIFICALLY made to do the job you’re doing, you should be using it. There’s clearly a reason it exists in the world. Find a brand you like.

I’ve also used Ettore easy glide - I also like it, and the squeeze bottles are better than the bland Unger jugs when it comes to dishing it out, but to each their own. Unger seems to go further and I like the smell.

I recently posted a video of a residential job I do every 3 weeks. I started this job before I had a WFP and cleaned it with dawn and squeegee. As I got used to the WFP, I did a bit of both on exterior. Now, WFP only. With either 6 months, or 3 weeks in between, I can say that there has been absolutely no noticeable difference of dirt accumulation when comparing dawn with WFP.

My point, we can talk about this til the end of time but when it comes down to it, it’s technique that matters. Choice of soap is mostly preference.


Many products that exist in the world have been slightly tweaked and/or rebranded just so someone new can make money off a “new” product that already existed and was working well.

Just sayin.

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Yes but for pennies more per job I can win more bids by relating to customers as the more professional choice. That, for me, is well worth it.

I can count on one hand the number of people that have asked what kind of soap I use. And when I tell them Dawn, they could care less that it’s not made for glass. All they care is that the window is clean.