Dawn Soap

I’ve tried a lot of “professional window cleaning soaps”. Still prefer dawn. We have switched to dawn heavy duty. Seems to give more slip and takes grime and finger prints off easier.

My second favorite is probably TSP. although it’s not recommended and not too safe if your being willy nilly with it. But I’ve never used anything with slip like TSP.


Amen Luke! We used TSP for like 20 years but switched over to dawn for MSDS and cost purposes. The whole world is afraid of phosphates getting in the ground water and such. I think guys are loosing sight of the fact that good old elbow grease is the main ingredient to getting really dirty windows clean.

Been using Dawn Heavy Duty lately, great soap.
Running low now and I can’t seem to find it anymore. Looks like they don’t make it anymore.
Luke are you still using this one? Where do you get yours?

Do you have any bulk/wholesale stores near you? Sam’s, Costco, BJ’s? I can get huge bottles, 90+oz size of the Dawn Heavy Duty at the BJ’s Wholesale club here in Florida. I usually like the dawn platinum so I have to settle for smaller bottles, though I was told they normally carry that at Costco, which is not really near me.

I looked online at those stores you suggested and looks like they don’t carry that type “Heavy Duty” anymore.
Bummer cause I really liked it

Is this the purple one?

I have found that some of the manufacturers have been limiting production lines in favor of more in demand products. For example, ZEP’s factory in Georgia stopped production of the Vinyl Window cleaner solution and when I could not find any during the end of May, I called and was informed that they had shut down that line and were not planning to restart it until the end of July. So the product would not be available until mid August at the earliest.

Another thing I saw which I thought was ridiculous was the Clorox Pro-Results which is usually $5.50 for 120 oz., ran out and then the company released a 121 oz. bottle of the same product and were charging $8 per bottle. Right at the height of need for a disinfectant and while I understand there was a higher demand and reduced production from workers needing to stay quarantined who tested positive, but it bordered on price gouging because they intentionally added 1 oz. so they could call it an entirely new product and change the SKU.

Now that we are back up and running, and the hysterical hoarding shoppers have calmed down, hopefully manufacturers will be able to restart the product lines that are hard to find. I did find 2 bottles of ZEP Vinyl window cleaner at a rural ACE Hardware so you might have a chance finding it in an area where it is more scarcely used and or poppulated.

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@roga you honestly believe you would win more bids than someone that uses dawn dish soap?

Most people I’ve told about using dawn soap have 100% preferred that over any other window washing chemicals. They know dawn dish soap is a safe product. They have no clue what is in the other window chemicals and if it’s truly safe or not.

I think the safer product is going to win every time. Especially when you can’t tell a difference between the two if the windows were side by side.