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Luke, you are incredibly responsive and I say this for all, we appreciate you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us. I am currently celebrating a growth spurt in our window services, although our customers call us primarily for residential home cleanings. The more we use the tools and stuff that I purchased, I’m finding the belts don’t fit well, the bucket hangs too low, and ergonomically I find it AWKWARD! I am good with the Ettore standard brass channels, Unger swivel tbars, but the belt I use does not fit well (Moerman 3 loop belt) does not ride well and besides my 6" scraper and on the occasion I put a cobweb duster in the other loop, I find the belt worthless. The pouches I bought for my wife and I are generic but slide onto the belt and have a large pouch, and lower smaller pouch for my screen key and steel wool, and a protective pouch under for extra razors. (thats the only thing I like about it). Please tell me exactly what you guys wear on your rigs for residential because I’d like to standardize. Buckets are Moerman, I wear the 3 slot, my wife wears the 2 slot because it’s lighter.


The belt is kinda big. I just cut the leather at a comfortable size, so that there isn’t all the excess.

Pouch on the left. I carry 2 huck towels and 1 squirt bottle in the main compartment of that pouch. I carry 1 paint can opener and 1 pack of replacement stainless steel scraper blades in the top pouch. I carry 1 steel wool in the front little “nail” pouch and my clean up towel in the other nail pouch. I did use the air hammer holster for my sill squeegee, now I use the Unger ergo tec dual leather holster. I carry 1 3 inch sill squeegee and 1 6 inch glass squeegee. I carry 2 because the sill squeegee rubber gets really beat up and not always good for windows. The 6 inch is just for glass. You would have to cut a channel to make that smaller size. I cut either ettore stainless or brass. Any standard handle will work.

Awp smartphone pouch to carry cards, invoices and of course your phone

Pulex boab

Unger holster 6 inch

Unger ninja 6 inch scraper

Unger ninja 40° handle

18 inch super channel

I use the Unger handle and super channel for storefronts and commercial work

Ettore ledge ez brass

14 inch master brass

I always carry my 14 ettore ledge ez . Great for smaller windows and residential work. I will carry another ledge ez with a 18 inch for some res work to.

We use ettore rubber in all our squeegees
Ettore rubber

And for detailing I use the xero fish scale. Reanna likes the Unger scrim.
Fish scale towel

Unger scrim

Here is that Unger leather holster. I couldn’t find it on wcr. Maybe I’m not awake yet. That is where I purchased it . Really great holster. Takes a bit to break in but very useful.

Hope this helps buddy . Tried being as detailed as possible.

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O and for my squirt bottle I just use a empty dawn bottle. Reanna uses the moreman squeeze deluxe bottle.

Thank you so much Luke! I have several of the items but ordered what I did not. I ran to Lowe’s and picked up the construction belt with pouches but was confused about the leather belt. Was that as an option or do you carry some of what’s listed on the leather belt?

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My belt set up, just to add to your thinking…
Unger padded belt (awesome belt!) with L-R:
Added bull ring for my working cloth;
Bottle (just a pump bottle) for indoor use;
Unger spray bottle
Some cloths ( there are 5 straps to attach things onto the belt);
Small brush for dimpled windows, sill brush;
Leather pouch for scraper;
Leather pouch for small scourer pad and a small tool for cleaning out interior water channels)

Hope that helps. Obviously everyone has their own preferences with tools and the like, once you have it set up tho your muscle memory gets or put away everything as you need it.

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Just curious, why the pulex and not the samurai? In the end did you just find it easier to use? I’m trying to decide on a BOAB.

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It’s just one of those things I’ve used for years. My muscle memory has adjusted to it and it’s kinda hard to switch. Idk if that makes since

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Makes perfect sense. There are some things out there that may be better, but what I’ve used forever is just what I’m used to. Thanks Luke

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It does tremendously! Thank you!! Why two belts though? Is that what keeps from having saggy bottoms?

I have my belt on my pants …I always were a belt . And then my wc belt. Idk just the way I do things :upside_down_face:

What are your preferences on a t-bar? I didn’t even realize there were so many… I currently just have a simple unger one from home depot, but I’m wondering if I should get something better? I have a pole now, I’m about to start practicing on it here pretty soon, does the type of t-bar make much difference?

Ettore super system t-bar.

Yes and no. I use an Unger ergo tec tbar.

I prefer this one mainly because of the locking system. I prefer a fixed t bar while in my hands. But there are a lot of situations where I need a swivel for pole work.

Hey Luke. Did you update your belt? And you left 2 links for belts, which one do you always use? Thanks!

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I’m sorry I thought it was on here. I use a leather awp belt. It can be found at lowes. I use a awp pouch and a unger dual squeegee holster for my small squeegees. I have a 6 inch unger scraper and a 6 inch scraper pouch from unger.

I also use a pulex hip bucket. O and a cellphone pouch .

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Thanks for the reply!
Does Reanna use the same belt as you do?

Its the same brand but a little different. We both use the same tools tho.

Hello again. Do you mind telling me what bucket you guys use? I’m looking for a good one with a good lid, but Ettore has not the best reviews and Pulex has almost no reviews, so I don’t know how good they are, how good the lid closes for driving the solution from home, and how good is the quality. Thank you!