Xero pure not getting down to zero TDS

Hi, has anyone else had an issue with the xero pure not getting to zero TDS? My water is 19 TDS coming out of the RO. But it won’t go lower than 4 TDS after flowing through the resin. I’ve tried two lots of resin, so I don’t think the problem is with it. Any advice would be super welcome!

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Hmm I haven’t had this issue. Has anything recently happened to the ro?

How old is the ro?

Are you certain you installed the di correctly?

How long are you letting it run before testing the water?

Is your tds meter old or needs a new battery?

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Those are all good things to check. Are you having any spotting issues on the glass? Does the water have an odor?

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Hi Luke, it’s a brand new machine! All installed correctly. We supplied photos to the seller who has confirmed this. Letting it run for 30 mins. The TDS meter is brand new. I have two - the other one gives an even higher TDS reading. I’m at my wits end! I can’t understand why I’m not getting a zero TDS reading.

Hi M_Lewis, there’s no smell coming off the water and it comes out of the tap with a 120 TDS reading. Yes, we’re having spotting issues on the glass.

Who is the seller?

Ok, when you put the di in are you sure you put the cannister in the correct way? I believe it’s arrow pointing down.

How full are you filling that cannister? When it looks full knock it on the ground and it will be able to take a lot more. That could effect it.

@SteveO did you run into this issue once before?

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We bought it from windowcleaner.com

Yes, the DI is installed correctly. I sent photos to the guys at windowcleaner.com and they confirmed that the machine is set up correctly. They even sent out new DI but nothing changed. They’re taking about sending more but it’s from the same batch so I’m not sure that will make a difference. Apparently, no one else has complained about the DI in that batch. They said that it’s a very large batch.

And yes, I tap the container so the di is really compact.

I just want to get this resolved asap.

Hey buddy, would you email me [email protected] and I would be happy to help you get this figured out.


Copied and pasted from the same thread on the Forum:

Another reason for low TDS readings with new resin is small “fines” that are present from the manufacturing process. As one runs the system, these fines are eventually rinsed out and the TDS reading reaches 0000.

In any event, there’s no reason for panic. Windows can be cleaned with no spotting. The TDS reading will eventually descend to 0.


Many thanks! I will keep trying. I was getting spotting but I’ll keep testing it and hopefully it will disappear.

That would be amazing, SteveO. Really appreciate it! Will do that shortly.

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Thanks @TheWindowCleanse & @SteveO!

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