Xero Products

Is XERO owned by another company? Why on earth do XERO products not have their own website? It’s 2020. How is if possible that I can Google a company and they don’t come up with their own website? Someone help me out here. Surely I’m missing something.

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I’m pretty sure Xero is a WCR exclusive

Wcr owns the Xero line.

XERO is the WCR brand. There is a live chat rep that can assist you on the website.

That’s unfortunate. I wanted to offer them a distribution channel in Western Canada. =(

The website is windowcleaner.com and it will rank #1 in almost all window cleaning searches.

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You are a distributor in Western Canada? What’s your website?

I’m sure the window cleanse will be happy to assist you. He is a great guy and fabulous window cleaner in his own right