Wide Body Channels

Hey guys. I am looking to buy a wide-body channel for the Ninja 40 degree handle. What would you guys suggest personally? Would you suggest a wide-body channel that Luke created? Thank you!

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I would :wink:


xD Do you use it? I am choosing between yours and super-channel, don’t know the pros and cons though

I use the lukechannel,its super and i really recommend it


Have you used Ettore Super Channel before? Can you compare them? I think I will place an order tomorrow, really don’t like the ninja channel.

They are a bit simular but the super needs more detailing when done.Also the weight of the lukechannel is a bitt less

I’ve been using the LTWC channel for about 4 months now. It’s great. I used to use an 18" and a 24" super channel. Luke’s doesn’t come in a 24" but since I’ve switched, the 22" is way easier to handle than a 24". And they look awesome. :fire::sunglasses:


I did find that they won’t fit on a ledger handle, that’s not really a problem though.

Wow! Thanks for the feedback! Really glad to hear you’re enjoying the channel.


So you think I should go with LTWC?

Great! I am 90% sure i am getting the LTWC whenever it is back in stock. Thank you