Why everyone hates the Liquidator?

Hey guys. I am learning how to do trad work and had problems with the liquidator leaving almost all the water behind. But then I changed the angle on my handle and it works perfectly. I love the design of the channel because it really takes away the need in detailing. I also wanted to try it out in hand, maybe I will like it like this too but I looked here and everybody seems to hate this channel. Why is this the case?

Liquidator is a tremendous tool and when used properly will help the operator save time and make more cheese. Mostly people modify them to suit their individual needs. The 2.0 model reflects more features and engineering thus making it a more useful tool. The main issue most people have are the plastic clips. I personally have never had problems with the Liquidator clips or plastic ends on Unger Ninja but many others have. The clips get loose from usage and fall off rendering the back cut angled edge useless so, they just dog-ear a regular channel and clip it on the liquidator 2.0. It is a huge tool for doing pole work and high reach interior window cleaning. Also, you can go to the manufacturers website and register and they will email you video links regarding their product usage and helpful tips. If you want to know more about Moerman Liquidator look up Polzn Blades online, he is the inventor.

At your stage in window cleaning journey, I would recommend you focus on improving your skills and most importantly technique, specifically the “s”, swirl or also called fanning. Once you master this technique increased speed and proficiency will make you the coins. There are many gifted operators that have blessed us with access via video and Vlogs. I recommend, Steve O, Jordie Palanzi (The window Cleanse channel) and certainly Luke the Window Genius to name a few. There are also some others like “Fluff Daddy” and Back Flip Boys who also have excellent videos but have stepped away from creating content for various reasons, time constraints, family, etc…

Work on your skills and technique and worry less about tools right now. Keep us posted on your progress. It’s OK to ask lots of questions. I have found window cleaners for the most part are interesting, kind and generous people.

Thank you for your answer Lewis! I do practice at my house. I try to do it every day but college takes up a lot of time so I try to do it at least 3 times a week. I learned the basics of the fanning technique and now concentrating on the pole work with excelerator. So far I am learning to do straight pulls without detailing and this week will start working on other different excelerator techniques.

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You’re doing great! Don’t get frustrated just keep it up. One day it will all come together and boom you’ll be making good money and whipping out the work.

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