Which BOAB?

I’ve decided to try to bring window cleaning back on to my services. I have everything I need, but my BOAB drives me nuts. I haven’t been around in a few years and was wondering what’s out there. Any opinions?

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Well I cannot recommend the unger ninja… I bought one and hated it immediately… I modified it to not swivel, and have it as a back up … I got a samurai… which I liked right away … a plain old pullex isn’t a bad start…
I did windows about 6 years ago for about a year… just trying to get back into it …

Yeah, I have a Ninja and had a Pullex when I got started a few years ago. It’s interested that you said those two. I’m not crazy about them. Do you like the Samurai that much more? Is it really as nice as they say?

Well I haven’t used it that long, but immediately I found it usable … the ninja I didn’t care for right away… honestly I would have returned it, but I drilled 2 holes in it for a zip tie to prevent the swivel … the pullex I used years ago … I have heard good things about the moreman bucket , but never used one … I don’t know if the samurai is the best ever , but it’s pretty good , and your leg stays dry , or pretty dry if you are sloppy … I hope some others chime in… I want to see this forum busy … it seems pretty dead… but I just joined