When to use a WFP?

I have been power/soft washing for several years and have decided to add window cleaning to my services. I bought a RO/DI (primarily to use washing cars) and built my own WFP on the cheap. I wanted to give it a try before buying the “real thing” (kind of expensive! I have been reading all of the rookie forums, but have not seen any questions about what situations call for a WFP and what calls for a squeegee? Thanks!


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Ok, wfp is great for maintenance cleanings and high up windows ( if you dont feel comfortable on a ladder or perhaps its unsafe for a ladder).

I personally think ground level windows and really dirty windows are better with trad tools. Especially like ccu window cleaning jobs.

This question could probably be answered a different way by every window cleaner. I personally think that wfp is just another tool in your arsenal.

Learning when to not us wfp I think is one of the most important things to know when owning one.


Thanks @TheWindowCleanse!

I also power wash homes, water fed works really will after a house cleaning. But if the windows are all lower windows, it is just faster to clean trad. Also when it come to water fed. It best to get a good pole. Don’t go cheep.

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Here in 100% hot all summer! ( IMG_9661|375x500 work great on French windows )and most of the year, we have wfp all outsides for the last 10 years! Even new construction cleaning. Chemicals we like with WFP

  1. Zep shower cleaner
  2. Heatwave for screens
  3. Barkeepers friend foam

best on french pains and glass railiing

What do you use those for?

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I’d also like to know!


I have used Zep shower cleaner (generic Kaboom I guess) combined with cermabryte (designed as a glass cooktop cleaner) to attack hard water from calcium deposits on windows. I usually use a rag attached to the bottom of a corner sander to scrub the cermabryte into the surface after it is doused with the Zep.

I wonder if this is what @anon89336055 uses it for with the WFP.

I used to use Zep.

Switched to OneRestore and works differently than Zep and alot better in alot of respects.

  1. Wet window with water only (Not soap).
  2. Spray window with OneRestore.
  3. lightly agatate (bronze or white pad) if need be.
  4. Rinse with water only, and done.

It’s important not to mix the window cleaning mop/dishsoap with the OneRestore or it is a mess on the rest of the windows. It’s almost like OneRestore is made for pure water window cleaning.


I might give that a go!

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