When Did you start Window Cleaning?

In 1970 I was going to learn belt work but the guy never did teach me. Went to work with his brother in law cleaning KFC 11 a week in the Detroit MI area. He got $2.00 and I got $2.00 with driving time I made about $4.oo an hour till I started to build up my own route and made $7.00 hour in 1972. White bucket of water, tsp, Hog brush, brass squeegee, and a cheap wooden paint pole! Small beginning but even back then I was not happy where the paint poles that would break under pressure! Got me looking around for something better which was Detrriot Sponge the only local source in my area for anything window cleaning with only one area in the store to choose from! They have come a long way too! So has window cleaning which is much safer with the www.iwca.org but that another story! Phil


In 1999 I was at a crossroads. I had been transferred to a small Central Valley Town by a company who “changed direction” within a year. I had moved my life to a new place. But in the year I had “fallen in love” with this little town. I tried a couple non-satisfying jobs and was down to dust in the bank account.

A friend suggested that the cost of a squeegee and bucket were low. I knew how to market myself and manage a customer data base. I started walking neighborhoods and teaching myself how to do this right. I figured I would do this until I figured out what I wanted to do. Along the way, I figured out this is exactly what I wanted to do. Operate a small business in a small town focusing primarily on making my customers happy.

It hasn’t been perfect by a long shot, and I still make mistakes. But overall it has been a great success!