What happened to Luke The Window Cleaner

Hey guys! I’ve seen a lot of folks asking what happened to us on YouTube.

With our business growing and remodeling our home we just had to take a break from YouTube.

We do plan to come back eventually.


Hey Luke, at twenty year of doing this, I actually learned a whole bunch of new stuff from you! Made my business better! Thanks to you and the lovely Rianna!

I get it. Having been a part of a podcast, I know first hand how it can take over your life and keep you from actually earning a living. Best of luck to you on the new house!

If we see more vids, great! If not there are some that are timeless and continue to be a great legacy… and learning tool!


Party on YouTube whenever you come back! Lol Make it a live event


So amped for you guys to come back! Totally understand needing a break though. For me, running a window cleaning business while doing the cleaning is enough to manage and thats not even factoring in remodeling a house plus creating the great content you guys did.

Stoked to watch some more vids when the time comes, until then!


Your channel was the main source of knowledge for me, cant wait for you to come back :smiley:

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Looking forward to that