What handle for Sorbo Quicksilver?

Hey everone,

So I’ve been using the Unger Ninja for about 6 months now, and I’ve decided to try the Sorbo Quicksilver channel, but I don’t know about the handle.

I really want to keep using my Ninja Handle, but I don’t know if it’s possible to use on the Sorbo Quicksilver.

So my rookie question is…
Does the Ninja Handle 40 Degree angle, fit on the Sorbo Quicksilver channel?
How does the Sorbo Quicksilver, perform with the 40 Degree Ninja handle?

I dont use sorbo but I know that handle will fit.

@SteveO may be able to chime in. Hes used sorbo for years.

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Yes you can use the unger ninja handle with any wide body sorbo channels, most prefer this combo! Some call it the holy grail of wide body squeegee setups :wink:


Can’t wait to try it out.

Also, how is a wide body channel different to a ‘slim’ channel?
I’m fairly new to window cleaning, and I haven’t really been able to figure out, what difference there is between the 2 types of channels.

For longer channels you dont have to use so much pressure with wide body channels.
I prefer sorbo handle with my sorbo channels, but the ninja handle are a great handle to, and works great with the sorbo channels!

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I see, that makes sense :blush:

Hey @SteveO. I think I saw you use both Sorbo QuickSilver and Ettore Super Channel, which one would you suggest? So far everybody says that Ettore super channel is the best wide body and very good with the ninja handle.