WFP - Does it leave drips?


Wondering if we use the WFP on a large Commercial job will it leave dirty streaks down the building? The building in question is a white building and the windows are very dirty. We are worried if we use the WFP that it will leave the dirty run off down the front of the building.

What are your recommendations? Should we just use traditional method?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hey! To be honest idk. It definitely could. Do you have photos to share?

As Luke said, I suppose it could, but on the dirtiest windows I’ve cleaned, I’ve never really found this to be an issue. I would be more concerned with whether or not they can be cleaned good enough with the pole. If they’re really dirty, they may need a good hand cleaning. Best of luck to ya!

Depends on height. If its safe, i would clean trad. If too high i would go pole. The issue with the pole is scraping off muck, all but impossible with the pole system, especially paint

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