Water Fed Pole Questions


We just went to do a quote on a large commercial building with a lot of panes with deep ledges. Would the Water Fed Pole be a good option in this scenario or would you suggest doing it by hand?

Another question I have is when you have a new commercial construction there can be oil coated on the glass. We would like to use the WFP on this type of job but aren’t sure it will be successful in getting all of the oil off the glass. Is this something you guys have done? If so, what are the results?

Last WFP question and really! What is the best WFP package? FYI we plan on using it on some large commercial jobs as well as residential.

Thanks in advance for the advice!

Thanks in advance!

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@TheWindowCleanse or @SteveO can answer about the best wfp package.

Now it’s too hard to say if wfp is going to be a good fit without seeing it.

99.9% of the time trad is going to give the best and fastest results for CCU.

I am confused by this oil you are referring to??? Never experienced that myself. Is it a common thing?


I apologize! I just realized I forgot to reply to you. Yes, the oil is common on large new construction. I have learned that the WFP isn’t the best idea for this case.

Sorry, just seeing this.

Are you still searching for a wfp package?

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We already purchased it with you guys!

Thanks for checking in!