Wants vs needs | window cleaning industry


Hell, you can buy the resign bags and shove it into a piece of PVC and a couple of fittings forced in there to connect to your water line. I’ve personally made a fully functional 26’ WFP using $50 CDN of gear I bought at Home Depot and stuck it on an existing Ettore pole I already owned.

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FYI, while we’re on the topic of fancy CRM systems, a FREE solution for you if you use Google email or G Suite for your business is Streak.

All you need is Google Chrome, add the Streak CRM extension, and it is SUPER powerful even at the free level.

On the other end of the spectrum, check out Infusionsoft Keap if you want to build really fancy automated marketing funnels. It’s amazing. Also check out Zapier if you’re looking to automate software talking back and forth. I personally automate TONS of stage-based events from Streak to my accounting software, calendar, and even small stuff like sending out an email to let a customer know I just left their house after I collected information for the estimate. Those little things that can “wow” your customers will set you apart and win jobs. Hands down.

Mind sharing some pictures?

I don’t have any photos on hand. If I remember I’ll upload some later perhaps.

But if you look at the Tucker systems (https://www.parish-supply.com/tucker-pure-water-system.aspx) the bag for that system essentially just fits inside a 4" pvc tube. You need one glued on end, but drill one female hose fitting in there before you glue it. For the other end of the pipe, you’ll want to find a fitting that glues to the pvc tube and screws shut to give you a liquid tight seal. Then in the cap you’ll want to fit the male hose fitting.

In goes the bag, screw on the cap, and done. You’ve got a Tucker ionizer for a fraction of the cost.

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