Virus think

Hello everybody!!!hope everyone is doing well.
Back to clean windows but I have no idea if you guys use any special chemical for this virus I have this question a lot and I have no idea how to answer hey what kind of solution do you use for cleaning???
I totally lost to answer. There’s really a solution for cleaning this virus??? Soap-Vinegar I have no idea
Hope you guys help.

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I recommend you do some research on your local Government Health organization. Where I live they provide guidelines for “Cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces”. I think you are better off following that advice then the random stuff you will find on a forum.


Thank you Dan!!! I will :heart:

Yeah, I don’t want to give out any wrong advice on this one. I can clean a window but covid-19 isn’t my specialty. Be safe out there!


This Monday I have 4 buildings same company same location and I need to explain this client. Very very important client.
I just like water with vinegar and soap and for the frames and doors Virex 256 to disinfecting.
Thank You Luke!

Hey guy’s here in Belgium i user bleach to clean floors , desks doors and toilets my doctor hold me that this is a better desinfectant then detol so that is what i use and…it’s cheap