Very large home exterior cleaning and window cleaning

we do window cleaning but we just don’t have homes like this around here they want a quote for exterior cleaning and window cleaning any help with quoting this job would be greatly appreciated or maybe the window cleaning on this one i should just pass on. I never like to leave money on the table though if possible.

If you don’t have a lot of experience pass. That’s my honest advice .

somebody has to do it you want a job lol

Well it will be extremely difficult. Do you have a wfp?

yes 60ft

And you’re confident laddering up on thr interior?

ya im not to worried about being on the ladder biggest thing will be getting ladders in and out and setup would be my biggest worry the other worry is loosing my ass on this job because i low balled myself we do his moms windows once a year and she has some pain in the ass windows but not like this

I’d go high for sure. What do you typically charge per window?

5 inside 5 out

this is his moms house and we do it.

Well I’d adust and go a little higher for some of that work for sure especially that entry way.

alright thanks for the help

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Nice house man!
Yeah I wouldn’t even attempt to give a full quote by pictures only. I’ll give just 2¢ though. When you say $5 in $5 out, we don’t know is that how you charge for every window?

Personally for one of those doors, I charge $10 total. The windows above get much bigger and higher, so of course, the price should be higher too.

Best of luck man!

When in doubt, overcharge a bit imo.

we used the wfp to insdie to do trad if not Construction cleaning.
But that a $1500 in out job at least

When I started using the WFP set up I had to do a car dealership with high interior windows and no ability to use a lift inside due to desks in the way. I found a device from England called the Streamline Dragonfly 4. Basically, it is a camelbak with a battery operated pump, push button remote, a misting jet at the end of the pole and an aluminum head with velcro for holding various pads.

I have modified it to work better for me since I did not buy their pole, and the locking teeth on their head would constantly slip. I switched their head for a Tucker scrub head but I don’t us the over the top rinse bar, I still use the misting jet spray to wet the window surface before wiping it with the microfiber pads. I guess you could try something similar with a fresh set of microfiber towels and a Tucker Scrub Head/Brush. Just wet the towels with a mist from a squirt bottle of pure water and use your carbon fiber pole to clean the interior windows rather than setting up various ladders. Higher level glass is more dust than handprints and oils, etc that need heavy scrubbing.

Looks fun!