Unger squeegee rubbers

Hi Luke, thank you so much for educating us with your videos and general advice.

Might be a naive question but I’m new to window cleaning. I’m using Unger gear and the squeegee rubbers are a slightly longer than the squeegee. Should they be trimmed?

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Hey buddy! Happy to share!

No, its right. You should always have just a little overhanging the channel.

If you take a photo and share it on this thread I can confirm that.

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Thanks for your reply Luke. Here are two pics for review.

Perhaps it’s just my technique but I find it’s trial and error to get the edges nice and dry the first pass.

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I want to change my channel for the ninja handle, but don’t know what channel is the best. @Luke Could you suggest a channel for Ninja handle? I was thinking of Sorbo QuickSilver or Ettore Super Channel.

That’s exactly how it should be. The design is such that the edge of the blade rubs the frame and thus allows less detailing in most circumstances.

In technical terms an 18" squeegee is really 17.5" nominal. Like a 2x4 lumber is nominally 1 3/4’ X 3 1/2".

Unger ninja is a high quality product and if you take care of it it will last years of daily use and thus make you money.

Ronin - what channel do you have? Why do you want to change?

Thanks for the feedback :+1:

I have an unger channel that comes with a ninja handle, but I don’t really like it so want to switch to another highly suggested wide-body channel like Sorbo QuickSilver or Ettore Super Channel

Those channels typically take a T shaped rubber and not the more common round rubber. If it is a matter of preference then I understand. Unger Ninja is a top of the line channel and great for commercial glass.

If you say that its top of the line ill just keep using it, see if I get used to it

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If you say that its top of the line I will just keep using it and see if I get used to it