Unger Ninja and Moerman

Have Unger Ninja 18" channel(s), t-bar and Moerman sleeves to fit. Also have (2) Moerman F-Liq 14" channels, F-Liq pads and replacement rubber blades to fit.

Unger Optiloc 14’ trad pole 3 section and extra tip

Hey, do you sell a 14" t bar?

What are you using the 14 inch for?

I plan to use it for residential. @M_Lewis was very kind and gave me some of his stuff for free, and that includes 3 14" sleeves. So now I want to get a t-bar for them.


Hey Ronin, no I don’t have any. Would have sent you if I did. Unger Ninja makes a 14" t-bar and just about anyone else does too. Use your 18 until you build up funds if you need to.

We used to use 14 and smaller tbar and sleeves.

Honestly for cut ups we just use a towel dipped in soapy water. Way faster and it fits all French windows :grin:

Yeah, I agree with you on that. By the way, I didn’t know how to ask but I think its a good time. I saw some people using pads that you can also put on a pole, and I think you can attach towels and pads like bronze wool and another white scrubbing pad to them. Can you tell me the name of those and where are they useful? Should I buy one if I’m just starting and on a very low budget