Tucker Rival 3 stage vs normal 3 stage?

So I’m looking at my first WFP system (mainly for homes and mid-size 3 story jobs). Has anyone actually used or bought this cheapo “Tucker Rival 3 stage” system? There’s like no reviews on youtube, and not reviews on the product sites either? I guess it’s supposed to be weaker than a normal tucker 3 stage somehow? What makes this thing $1,000 worse than other options?

Wish I knew buddy but I’ve honestly not tried it out.

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WHat problems are you trying to solve by investing in a pure water system?

Is part of the reason why it’s cheaper is it comes disassembled, so you have to put it together, thus saving labor/time?

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This is a beautiful example of how price is really not the real objection in sales.

Despite being handed a thousand dollar bill ($605 actually), we still hold back from pulling the trigger.

Because we want to know that we’re not wasting our money.

  • Will it solve my problems?

  • Is there something better out there?

  • Will something better come out after I purchase?

  • Will I be left high and dry if there are issues?

  • Does the thing perform the same? Or is it “weaker”?

  • It must be $1000 “worse”.

We start looking for reviews and videos.
We rationalize that maybe there is assembly required, thus reducing the price?

Conversely, the Xero Pure carries these assurances:

  • It will reach 3 stories with no pump, one pole.
  • 2 year warranty, RO membrane excluded.
  • Built by actual mechanical engineers at IPC
  • 8 year track record of performance and quality
  • 40 5-star reviews
  • Self-balancing RO, requiring no back-flushing after every job.
  • Easily accessible Live support from reps you are familiar with and know by name.

862 312 2633
WCR Sales


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I just bought a car two weeks ago, and it was a similar thought process. It came down to two cars, and both would go from A to B, both would hold my kids comfortable and safely. One car cost $4,000 more than the other car, and had about 30,000 less miles on it plus being two years newer. It’s just a process of gathering information before buying something. The amount of of time and energy researching is directly in correlation with the cost compared to available funds to spend. We take about 5 seconds to decide to buy a $2 drink, but a $10,000 car may take 5 days to 5 months to decide. Likewise a WFP system for someone who’s never bought one may take anywhere from 3 days up to 3 months unless it’s somehow an urgent need. Thank you for the input!