What are some of the basics you use to train new people? I want to make sure I’m covering all of my bases and doing a great job training.


So is this trad or wtf?

Is this a person who has 0 experience?

Does your company do storefronts, residential or large commercial?

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Who is doing the training and how much experience do they have? See also Luke comments/questions

It’s both traditional and WFP. We do residential small commercial and large commercial jobs. We are in the midst of a large commercial job right now. It’s been challenging because of a whole new team and really bad weather.

I guess this has been really good practice for all of us. It’s been a while since I’ve actually done the washing myself, so it was a good refresher course. Besides dealing with delays because of rain we had very windy days. That is probably a good thing too because we had to learn to move faster.