To WFP or not?

Hope that picture shows up… Anyways, I was asked to bid a couple of 3 story medical offices. They want 1st and 2nd floor every month, and third floor only twice a year. Am I able to get by with a long pole + squeegee/mop or is this the time to admit I need a WFP? The monthly amount is $350, and $900 is the semi-annual price. It seems like buying a WFP would mean I’m working this job just to buy the WFP system, and not really making money on it. Note: This would be a lot easier choice if I were cleaning windows 6 days a week instead of only 2 days.

Interesting. Depends on how many windows there are I guess. If you’re talking about 20 ladder sets, then just ladder it until you’re stable and can afford a wfp. The second story can probably be poled (if your pole skills are strong) which would save you the hassle of a ladder.

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Yea, I was thinking the once a month at $350 which is only first and second floor would be fine with a pole. It’s that third floor twice a year at $900 that’s more of a question mark. WFP is ideal, but not financially speaking. I could get a carbon pole with a traditional end on it as a compromise. There’s 65 windows total per building… 130 panes total, but I only clean all 130 twice a year (if they even accept my bid by Monday)

Yeah, a lot of people want to buy a wfp setup right away. So they go into debt and the thing sits there for months before you get the jobs to use it. And then there’s a learning curve because it’s not a magic brush, you have to know how to use it and how to read the glass.

I’d suggest getting some work then grow into the wfp. If you have to do the building with a ladder first time, then you’ve got some cushion to by the system and pole.

Depending on your TDS you might be able to get by with just a DI tank and a pole. Get a cheap TDS meter and take readings around your town. If it’s less than 100, a DI tank will work and it’s cheap.

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I absolutely love our WFP. I now exclusively clean 2nd floor and up with WFP and squeegee/mop everything on ground level. You could even throw in cleaning that awning for them :wink:

Best of luck winning the bid.