Time per window


How long does it take you to complete a single tilt-in window? That includes inside & out, tracks, sills, and frames. All traditional tools.

I know we’re taking waaay too long at times. Though I consider quality of the work to be the most important thing, I know we can tighten up our time per window.

We’ve done probably 7 residential jobs and we’re averaging 15 mins per double hung tilt in window (these seem to be the most common type around here). That’s if we don’t run into major issues.

Practice and being observant will definitely improve our time, but I suppose I’m asking you guys so I at least have an idea of how long others are taking. I find it helpful to know what other people are doing when I’m trying to motivate myself to get better. Give me something to shoot for!

Hmm…in and out? With tracks?

Idk …maybe like 5 mins??? Maybe less.
Really just depends on how dirty the tracks are.

Glass only like 2 mins or less.

Dont get too hung up on time per window. You will naturally improve as you work. Often the largest improvements in efficiency will come ‘off the glass’ ie not walking up and down too often, having your belt and gear organised properly in the van, job flow and structure etc.

One of the largest time savers I’ve made is very high quality hose that easily unravels and doesnt snag/kink/knot. I reckon I’ll save 5 mins for every hour of work not untangling hose from bushes etc!

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If you’re charging $12-15 per window ($6-7) per pane, you’re averaging $60 per hour. My goal for residential was $100 per hour (minimum). So 100 / hour = about 6-7 minutes per window (at $15 per window).

For route work, averaging 60 isn’t bad, but 75 is better.

One of the biggest game changers for me was carrying a water bottle inside the house. You can bust through a lot of windows pretty quickly if you don’t have to go back to the bucket.


Thanks everyone! We really do just need to get our procedures to be more efficient, I agree. Good to have a point of reference as a goal to aim for possibly.

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