Thanks for inspiring me!

Hello everyone,

I am Gianno 24 years old and i am from Belgium. I recently started my own window cleaning company. Unfortunately I did not find much time in the first months to actively follow the community, but I would like to thank you for the inspiration I found in this community as well as in the youtube channels of window cleaners! I have worked for a window cleaning company for 3.5 years and have now been working for almost 6 months, I bought the part window cleaning from the company where I worked, which is why this company has stopped window cleaning.Hopefully the day will come when I can work with window cleaners from other countries for a week, this would be a great experience!
I wish you all the best, keep inspiring each other because that’s the only way the motivation stays there! Keep it safe.

Greetings from an inspired window cleaner


Thank you for sharing! It would be awesome to work with you one day!