Should you always do bids in person? | new window cleaning business

I prefer to bid in person. I will take customer photos if I can’t /won’t be in the neighborhood in a reasonable time like 2 days. When bidding in person I check the sills and really look at the windows for paint or hard water stains and ask the question when was the last time they were cleaned? Then I know better how easy/hard the job will be.
I also like to meet the customer in person because some think I’m a guy on the phone but see I’m a gal in person. That is sometimes the clincher. I had a woman recently pick me on the spot because I’m a woman. Her husband was going to get another quote but she said call him off we found the person to clean the Windows


We still prefer to bid in person, but 99% of all of our bids our by phone.

We ask the client to take 1 photo of each side of the home from the exterior and text it to us.

We have a pre made text to reply back with a quote and required info if they accept.

During our busy season we have anywhere from 5 to 25 calls per day 5 - 6 days per week. Its literally impossible to go to each and every estimate while we are currently booked out at a month working 5 days a week from 5am - 6 or 7 pm cleaning glass & gutters.

Especially when all I’m going to do is get a window count.

In a perfect world I would be going to each quote. But we are still landing about 40% or so. This is what we do …not perfect but it works.

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That’s pretty impressive Luke. I do residential only and start at 8am. Can do max 6.5 - 7 hours window cleaning not counting travel time. I like to be home no later than 3:30 - 4pm and still tired as hell. I can’t imagine coming home 6-7pm every day.

We get up at 4am and get to our first storefront by 515 530 depending on where it is.

Then residential from usually 8am until 6 sometimes 7. This depends on if they are gutter cleanings. So we typically get home between 6 and 7.

Then a hour or so of office work. Then repeat :crazy_face:

It’s tough…but we are happy :blush:

And reanna and I split up 2-3 days per week so that all of the storefronts can get cleaned.

I mainly do residential 5 days per week, except storefronts in the morning.