Selling a business/ things to know

I feel like this has been discussed before but I can’t find any threads.

I have no immediate plans on moving but it’s an option I would want to keep available if we ever decide to. Obviously I wouldn’t be able to take my business with me if I’m in a completely different area.

What types of things should I know or have together if I ever choose to leave and want to try selling out?

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I’ve never sold before. So this is just my opinion.

If you have commercial clients, try to get them under contract. Would be more appealing and could add value to the sale.

For residential idk. We personally don’t buy those types of clients. @SteveO have you ever purchased res clients?

Yeah it would be 99% res.

Thanks for the input though.

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Do you network with anyone locally?
Maybe you could take them out to lunch and sit down and talk about it.

I guess for us, we don’t buy res clients because we don’t know if they will stay, if the jobs are priced correctly etc.

With commercial clients and contracts this is a little more clear cut.

Right, that makes since.

Yeah I’m actually friends with several other window cleaners in the area. It wouldn’t hurt to bounce ideas off of them as well.

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I think it would be the best chance for a good transaction.

Be realistic with them. If you move then at least you’ll know what they are willing to offer and perhaps have a buyer or two lined up.

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The business that is for sale around here has options, they want 100,000, they will except 33000 down, and 33000 for next two years with a small interest rate on the funds borrowed. They have 70 store fronts as weekly income through the entire year. Winter here gets to -30 Celsius. So some weeks are out of the question in January February. It comes with van equipment detailed client list full of reoccurring residential clients , possibly to keep employees. I’m not sure if it’s the right move for me. Could be good for someone, if they work in the business then there is still profit. It’s been in operation for thirty years, get yearly contracts with bigger projects nursing home hospitals.

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