Scrims and other rags

So, I’ve searched through the forum trying to find some info on this but all I see is that the scrims are pretty much favored. I use standard microfiber rags and terry towels. They work great for me, for the price difference, what’s the big deal with these scrim towels?

Lint free and dry really fast. If I use mine for just detailing I can go all day on one scrim. So less laundry that can be a plus.

Well yeah that for sure could be a plus. The better I get with cutting in and fanning though, the less rags I go through, I used maybe 4 rags on a large house yesterday and I was just wondering if it would be worth it to buy some and try them out.

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They cost max $10 each here in UK. I have used them for 30 years. Keep one dry for polishing off and one damp and they are great for smaller windows. No need for a squeegee on all windows that way.

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Here’s a deal on Unger scrim if anyone would like to buy a job lot for the community and pay the shipping to USA :-

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Reanna loves her scrim. Does an excellent job of detailing and lasts all day. Its a little large for my liking. I prefer the xero fish scale. Its a microfiber towel thats a perfect size. One lasts all day for me.


Hey @Luke. I got a scrim but I’m a bit confused why everybody loves it so much. For me it’s just smearing the water instead of absorbing it. What should I do for it to work properly?

We just got some new ones too!

You really have to break them in first. We usually wash them at least twice before using them. Even then it’ll take a few more washes.

After that they will absorb water like crazy.

Thank you Luke!

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Let me know how it works after a few washes. I think you’ll like it!