Rinsing on the glass

Hi guys,

Just wondered if and when you rinse with the brush on the glass, and what pros and cons you find if you do do it.

I’ve always rinsed off glass up until recently (awkward windows would eventuality strain my elbow), however just started doing it for hydrophobic glass. It is much quicker, however not sure if I’m leaving little bits behind (if I notice any, then I’ll obviously go back, but I do notice it a lot more, which makes me think theirs bits I’m missing).

I’ve not found any videos explaining the differences and on most videos I see of people using wfp they seem to be rinsing off the glass.

Are certain brush heads not ment to be used that way?

Does anybody know of any videos which explain the differences and when to do which, if not, would this be something someone would be interested in making a video?


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If you’re using boar’s hair rinse off the glass. With nylon you can rinse on the glass. It’s all personal preference but at 5 stories, you pretty much have to rinse on the glass.


Great advice!

I prefer rinsing off the glass regardless of the brush but @JaredAI is :100:% spot on !

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Whether I have great pressure on the rinse bar or not. I can always get better results with hybrid brush rinsing off the glass. If it’s an odd set where for some reason it’s hard to do so, I have to take my time, maybe work side to side as I’m going down the pane to rinse.


I stopped using the hybrid, I was having spotting issues. Maybe I was just being sloppy or crazy :crazy_face:


I wasn’t aware you can actually rinse on the glass. Thus, I have rinsed off the glass, and I guess it is easier to see if I missed something. Particularly hydrofobic glass, which is a pain always, although fan nozzles ease it remarkably.

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