Quote/Estimate + 'Inspection Report'

There was a question posted over on WCR about ‘Inspection Reports’. Does anyone have anything they can share along these lines? I don’t use one currently, but I think it will make me look even more professional and thorough to have something to leave with a customer other than just the quote/estimate. I’m thinking it will help justify even more why I’m more expensive.

I do this by offering packages.

It eliminates people piece working me out because it’s written right in front of them what I’m offering.

Basic Package is outside only
Deluxe is inside and out
Focused is Inside and out with screens and tracks

No matter what they ask for, I always count everything so they have a price for everything I offer the first time.

I just realized you might be talking about inspecting the home’s condition. If so, this comment isn’t much help.


I like this layout…I assume you count the windows and keep track of which ones have the tracks and screens…then you provide them with a detailed price for each one?

Edit: I just reread it and answered my own question. What do you tell people who want only exterior and also want their screens done?

It hasn’t come up.

I believe in my estimate it says that customers remove and replace the screens with the basic package. I clean whatever windows they remove the screens on.

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It does help :slight_smile:
But yeah, I was more interested in leaving the customer with an idea of the condition of their windows, and leaving them with somehting that says ‘I know what I’m doing!’

Oh. Yeah for sure do that.

You’ll notice in Luke and Reanna‘s videos they do that too.

You need to check for preexisting damage and document it with photos and save those photos in a customer folder in case they come back saying, “hey my window is scratched.

I do this, but I also usually write an email gently informing them there is scratching on their glass, and sometimes I need a scratch waver before I begin.

Noting damage to siding or anything really can be helpful.

I’ll often take a video around the place too so I can even go back frame by frame to see if something existed before.

Most of my clients are very honourable, but I had one guy accuse me of denting his hardwood floor. It was 100% bogus and I let him know why I definitely wasn’t me. He was looking for a discount.

That’s just an example of why it’s good to have video for company documentation.

I don’t usually share that video with the client unless there’s an issue and never on social media.

I tell them to bring them outside to the step or garage and I’ll clean them they can put them back. I also have clients who do their own screens. First time that happened was weird but whatever.