Question wfp

What do you guys do if y have a 2 floor building with 2 different people live there and the upper floor wants window cleaned. Do y use wfp knowing it will drip on the Windows below and cause a discussie
or do y do trad to avoid any complaints

I only go ahead when I know the owner has confirmed with the downstairs neighbour, and I’ll also double check with them that they are ok with it, and possibly try to get another job :slight_smile:

I take it as an opportunity. I’ll knock on the lower level and explain that the upper level is getting their windows cleaned. I say there might be a bit of drip-down and “I’ll give you my best price if you let me do the lower windows as well”. Also let them know that regardless of if dips hit their window, the water will do a bit of removal of dust - it just might look a bit streaky if you don’t finish the cleaning on the lower level.

A few different outcomes are possible here.

  1. They could be upset at the suggestion that you’ll dirty their windows by cleaning the upper level. In this situation I know that I either need to walk away from the job (or risk upsetting someone who isn’t even a customer) or do the job but avoid using the WFP. If ladder work isn’t an option and WFP work is the only way, I’ll just walk the job. It’s not worth my time and energy.

  2. They could say no but “just go ahead with the upper level cleaning and don’t worry about us”. Then you know you tried, and you know that they won’t mind if you get the lower windows wet.

  3. They could say yes and then you have a bigger contract and everyone is happy in the end.

When it comes to possibly aggravating another potential customer, I always aim to turn them into an actual customer first. Then, if the answer is a solid no, I know how to proceed in a way that avoids conflict. If it comes to the worst-case and they’re avid about you not getting their windows wet AND there’s no way to do a traditional ladder cleaning safely, then you can simply explain to the client why you are unable to do the windows. It’s not your fault. Make them hate their neighbor. Maybe offer them a discount on another property in the future if they want it.

I hope that helps. If you have questions, post em in reply.

Thx for the info,its big help
Take care