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Wassup Guy
I was thinking of setting up my business where a $65-$90 as my price minimum for showing up but here my question do I include that in the window cleaning bill total or is that deducted from the bill if I’m making sense? Any advice?

Good idea! This weeds out the price shoppers and acts sort of like a mini sales funnel on your website


If you’re like me and do 99.9% residential, I’d STRONGLY suggest raising that figure to cover yourself for the maximum round trip your willing to make plus an hour or so or work. My minimum is $165AUD, but I’m considering raising that to $220AUD.


Thanks buddy I’m thinking about charging $100 starting out as a minimum for residential and for store front $40

Cool, good stuff.

I think $100 is a great starting point for resi, and once you have heaps of work you can raise it.

$40 for storefront is high, so if you can get it to work then thats awesome! I was at $40AUD min for storefronts, but I hate doing them and didnt want them. I’ve now dropped all storefront work as it was hindering my residential work

Our minimum is $199.00 for any residential service.

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I raised it to 250 recently. Im too annoyed to deal with people anymore that price shop. Between floor care and window cleanin, pretty please dont waste my time.


Hi Jay,
On residential I always have a minimum turn-up price based on WFP which I charge more for than trad work. So in practice if my minimum turn out rate is $100 (covering all expenses and profit, wages etc ) and the job takes 1 hour - 30 mins WFP & 30 mins trad for instance, then it’s still $100. I always advise my clients of the minimum charge out rate over the phone but like to quote in person if at all possible. On the invoice I simply list the price (usually quoted and agreed to beforehand. In my opinion and looking at it from a customers perspective if you start deducting minimum charge out rates it might lead to confusion. Keep it simple stupid works for me :slight_smile: