Pure water for trad

I am new to window cleaning so maybe my idea is impossible for some reason but what if I used pure water in my solution instead of the usual water? Is it going to make any difference when a spot I missed dries up or the soap will mess it up?

You can use regular water. Sometimes it is beneficial to use de-mineralized water with soap but since you are using a squeegee you shouldn’t be concerned about it. Read some books on window cleaning from the library to help you.

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Okay, thank you

Simply by adding the soap to the situation either directly into the water to create your solution or directly onto your pure water dampened mop, you are now adding dissolved “solids”. Total dissolved solids, TDS is measured in parts per Million, so even adding soap will defeat the purpose of having a 0 TDS water supply. Having a TDS between 10 and 30ppm will result in water spots being left behind unless a squeegee is used to remove the water droplet before they dry.

As stated, your squeegee should be used to remove as much water from the glass as possible, then using a towel and/or buffing towel to detail the edges is going to give you the best results for trad cleaning with current tools and technology.

Not sure where you are located, but you can read other posts in this forum about working in freezing temperatures where the only way to keep working is to add alcohol and other “anti-freeze” solutions to your water, but not actual anti-freeze. Do Not pour some Prestone into your wash bucket, your client will fire you. So again, you are adding substances into your pure water which will make them no longer pure and you will have wasted the investment of generating or obtaining the pure water.

Anyway, you can grab some distilled water from Walmart for 88¢ or so per gallon if you want to have the cleanest water to start with, but even that is not 0 TDS pure water.

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In my opinion, using filtered water for trad can actually give a negative effect. I feel like my squeegee will grab at the glass a bit. I always fill my bucket straight from the tap. Non filtered.


Thank you! That’s what I was wondering about if the soap will affect the pure water.


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