Pricing commercial solarpanels

Sorry if this is off topic. I landed my first commercial solar panel job for 926 solar panels. I bid it at $1,824 coming out to $1.97 per panel. Did I bid too high? I’m about 3 weeks into the window cleaning/ solar panel cleaning biz.

Also I’m in Los Angeles

How big are the individual panels? How do you plan on cleaning them?

I charge $6 per panel on residential roof installations with each panel being about 3.5ft x 4ft roughly. Also, I only use a Water Fed System not a trad cleaning tools.

That seems absurdly low. Why did you quote that price?

I charge 5 dollars per panel residential I’ve seen guys go as low as 50 cents for commercial it seems that the more panels the lower the price per panel. After doing a little more research I think my quote would actually be considered around average.

I didn’t measure they are roughly the same size as residential.