Pricing based on neighborhood

Does anyone have an opinion or advice about doing “standard pricing” based on neighborhoods and house sizes? These houses are cookie cutter homes, so they are all similar in one way or another, with the one/two that are slightly different. My thought is to provide a flat price based on the bedroom (3 bed, 4 bed, 5 bed, etc.). But, the caveat is pricing it based on relative income statistics. One neighborhood, I know, has a relatively lower income base than the one I live in, thus I would offer prices at a reduced amount, whereas say my neighborhood would be higher (granted the homes are bigger with more windows and more two stories.

Would this be feasible or do you think I’m setting myself up for failure? Thank you.

Also, I was thinking of offering several discounts. Discount for semi annual and quarterly. If they elect subscription based service (monthly charge), then they receive a slightly elevated discount.

How many windows are you cleaning for the $169.00 5 bedroom house interior and exterior?

How many people and how long does that take?

This just seems very low and a lot of discounts and free services.

Just my opinion and I do not want to offend you.

At that cost hopefully its only taking 1 man a little over a hour.
But being 5 bedroom it should be close to like 4k or 5k square foot?

Just trying to get an idea of the size home.

No more than 15 at the maximum $11/each.

I’m a one man show and I timed myself at just over an hour.

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No offense taken.

To put it in perspective, these houses are no bigger than 3K sqft.

The 3 bed homes range from about 1350-2000 sqft at the absolute max.

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Wew! Ok…$11 per window sounds good. I was worried there. :sweat_smile:

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Wow, your fast… i can be too if windows were clean-ish, but i always end up using steel/bronze wool.

For me, cookie cutter homes windows are usually 2 panes each Windows. So you have 15 windows= 30 panes on avg? Id be around 240 because they are never that clean initially. Id then would give 15% off
or more, maybe $190 if 2x a year.

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Ok, are you talking about $240 for both interior and exterior?