Pre appointment info

What info do you give your residential customers before the appointment?

I’m thinking of making a quick infographic type thing that includes what they need to know before we visit.

So far I’ve got things like:

making sure the water is turned on to the outdoor spigot,
if possible move anything out of the way of inside windows (but we can do it if not),
payment methods we accept,
things we don’t remove or charge extra to remove like paint…


I think this is a great idea. Please share the finished product when it’s completed!

Sending a notice about preparing their home for my cleaning is a must. I do it for all my floor accounts. Saves time tremendously.


I’m really interested in this. I also do interior cleaning.

How do you have people prepare their floors?

Also would like to see the finished product.

My list is similar to yours.

If I’m cleaning exterior only, the client removes screens.

If I’m cleaning interior as well, we remove the screens.

I really like this idea. I want to make my own now.

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Here is what I have so far…
It’s been a bit busy (fortunately!) so it took me a while to get this together. Wish I could share it in a form that would allow you to edit, but I made it using, and it doesn’t give me the option to :frowning:

At least this will give you all an idea of what it looks like.

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Very nice! Is this something you have emailed out the day before automatically? If so are you using a crm to do so?

Thanks! I’ve been sending it out manually. We’re in the market for an affordable CRM. I don’t love the idea of paying $200 a month at this point in our growth, but hopefully that we will head in that direction soon enough…I don’t have the best memory in the world lol.

What CRM are you using?

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We use House Call Pro.

This idea is great but I just wouldn’t be able to be consistent with sending it out each and every time.

Now hcp sends a auto reminder. I could set that up to list these points.

It’s a really great idea!

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You are over complicating a simple process. I am a window cleaner, and I didn’t even want to read through all that.

People just want clean windows, and a simple way to pay.

I do a walk around before every Resi job and communicate any issues. Then clean the windows, do another walk around and done.

I don’t even give people reminders. They are as capable as we are at putting an appointment in the calendar.

Your thingy looks great, and I am sure you are proud of it, and you should be. But, I think over time, you will find it’s unnecessary.

I think it could be a nice touch. We are asked frequently if furniture needs to be moved or what payments we accept.

But we also try to make the entire process as simple as possible. It is just window cleaning :relaxed: