Pivoting to touch-point cleaning

Ok guys, my window cleaning work has totally dried up, but I have a friend who has given me some basic info on touch-point cleaning. Does anyone have any training resources or info that could be shared? I think we could all benefit from looking into this more, thanks in advance!

Search Youtube for touch point cleaning.

I’m actually pivoting in the same direction. I’m already offering it, just never heard of it being referred to as touch-point before.

Price like you would windows. Time how long it’ll take to wipe down 1 thing and count how many things you need to clean.

You’re also going to blow through disinfectant.

Make sure you have a supplier who can meet your demand.

Make sure you read the SDS for whatever chemical you use. Since you’re going to have a lot of contact with it, I recommend you use something effective, but gentle.

I’m currently using a quatenary ammonia compuond which is a hospital grade disinfectant for non-critical surfaces.

Dilute, use and PPE to the manufacturers specifications.

I quote by sq. ft.

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