Pivoting from Window Cleaning

According to my best guess, window cleaning is going to be very slow this season.

I’m have a colleague who owns a pressure washer and wants to work with me building up that business.

There’s an RFP to clean several LRT stations including the stairs and bridges on the pedestrian walkways leading to the stations and the exterior of the buildings.

I can think off the top of my head of several issues we would have to work around, but I’m hoping you could list some off for me too.

  1. All work would likely need to be done after hours
  2. Work site would need to be closed off, likely require coordination with bylaw or some other department
  3. We would need to work with transit authority to make sure we have access to the site and we’re not going to get run over
  4. Access would require operating boom lifts on main road ways at times, so lanes will need to be shut down.
  5. We would need to hire qualified people I’m sure

As I’m listing all of the things, I’m thinking maybe this isn’t the best job for a couple rookies (but not total noobs) to take on?

Please let me know what I’m missing.

Hey man good on you for going out and trying to find work. But if you feel that a job is way to big for what you are now don’t do it. You can kill a business by doing something to big to fast.

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