New work truck!

Our new work truck is almost ready to go.

Logos and a back up camera then she will be finished.

We thought getting a red truck with the black logo would look better than the white.


Gratz! I agree on the colors. Just got mine a month ago.


So awesome! I WISH these were more common here in Australia… currently they are ridiculously expensive to buy or lease and the service costs are astronomical. I’ll look at getting a Toyota Hilux eventually.

Looking sharp Dan!

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This is what i want

Gorilla box truck

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Now that would be real nice :ok_hand:

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Nice truck.

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Thanks man! Just trying to find the time to get the vinyl logos put on and should be pretty close to finished with it.

What’s it like working with such a big vehicle? These are considered oversize here in Aus, but I absolutely love the look of the fords and Rams. Are they difficult to fit in customer’s driveways or parking? what about getting your gear and ladder in/out/off etc? I’m looking at putting a tray and tank system in the back of one eventually. Either a large truck like this, or a Toyota Hilux (you’d probably call that a mid size…)

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I like it! More than enough room. I guess you quickly get use to getting the ladders on and off the truck.

We still fit in driveways, tho downtown can be a little tight.

All in all a very nice upgrade from the checy Colorado.

I don’t know how Australia is with vehicles but compared to Europe, I feel like our trucks and vans are huge! I spent 10 days in France last year and I thought it was odd, I never saw a single pickup truck like we have in the U.S.A.
When I did carpet cleaning, the full sized vans took some getting used to. My truck is a bit older than Lukes, but about the same size, it’s pretty much ideal for my area.

Not speaking for @Luke, but 1/2 Ton trucks (F-150/Ram1500,etc.) are the norm if not on the smaller side of work vehicles here in the US. I have been amazed at how much stuff @Luke could cram into his 1/4 Ton trucks (the Ranger and Canyon). It’s all about efficient placement of tools and maybe some extra loading and unloading at the beginning and end of each day.

I am far more lazy when it comes to that. Here is my set up:

I’ve got pretty much everything I need in the box of the trailer which is 8’x8’ with the open bed being the same. There’s all my window cleaning equipment, WFP and extensions, pressure washing hoses, wands, screen material rolls for screen enclosures, a 3’x6’ work bench with shelf to do repairs on site, rack & bin system for all of my spare parts, power tools, multi-stage ladders and step ladders, fans for cooling off in the middle of the hot summer days, and a portable toilet for remote work or overnight commercial jobs. All of my tools, with the exception of the extension ladder, are on the trailer. What’s nice about the trailer is that at the end of the day, or week, I can detach it and just use my truck for recreation. My neighborhood does not allow vehicles to have lettering or commercial advertising to be parked in the driveway, so the trailer is backed in behind the fence along the side, and the truck can remain in the driveway.

I never park in a client’s driveway because you never want to be “that guy” that leaves a random oil or fluid stain on the driveway. I always park on the street along the curb when possible. (Except the house depicted since they are set back 150’ from the street, but the pavers are sealed so no worries.)


Holy hell, that looks amazing!

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Here is what I’m thinking for logos.


Plain and simple with your brand. Looks sharp man!

My critique is at Ford, not you @Luke. It feels like the body lines force the lettering to be compressed. Maybe it’s just me, but the tailgate lines force the logo to the one side and the lettering under an overhang almost. I get that it leaves you with very little room to work with.

That being said. I think it looks clean and direct. If you are taking the majority of new work from phone calls then that is all you need. But you’re already a well established brand at this point and I am sure people recognize your logo in your area quite well.

For S’s & G’s I would like to see what a huge logo on the hood would look like, (big white star on a Jeep Hood style) as well as a red logo centered on the back glass. I think both would be overkill on the truck and the hood may not be able to be seen at all, unless the viewer is in an upper level of the building you were working on or near. But there is something about slapping down a 40" logo on the hood and saying “Feast your eyes upon my beard of greatness!”

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Lol well I agree. We were actually thinking about a wrap just because placing logos on this truck has proven to be a little difficult. But we purchased the truck in that red because it matched our company color so well. We felt red trucks moving forward would stand out more.

Our website performs well and we thought what do we do if we see a company truck? We just google the company lol. So we decided not to add the company website.

We actually are adding the logo to the hood.

The back glass will say “window & gutter cleaning”. Then of course the name and number is on the tailgate for any potential clients.

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Ever wanted to kettered your work vehicles?