New Total USA 100% water fed pole!

How many would support a total 100% USA designed and made here water fed pole?


I think that is an excellent idea. Most of the US sold poles are designed and assembled in USA. All of the tubes are made in Rep of China. Everyone buys tubes from China just ask them.

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Could be very cool! Id be curious to see the cost of the product.

Most poles are not designed or assembled in the USA ! I have produce USA designed and assembled water fed poles for 15 years WE now truly have one of the only USA made water fed poles the TomaHawk !

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Hmm…I’m curious. I have and old “Simpole” WFP that I never use. The screw down clamps are just a pain. With how these new clamps are 3D printed, is there any chance that I could possibly look forward to upgrading my clamps and keep my old pole?