New to this site

Been searching for alternative forums about this industry and this can’t up. Are people still using this forum at all? Always liked Luke’s videos, one of the first YouTube window cleaners I watched.

Is Luke still associated with WCR, or did he break off on his own and that’s why this site it here?

I’d love to find a good forum or even Facebook group that isn’t linked and run by a supply company or manufacturer. I don’t know if it’s always the case but when a certain company owns the forum I think it limits how open the discussion actually is. Not that it’s wrong to promote your own stuff you sell but I always like to weigh all the sides before I choose what I like.

Anyway, still used it not I figured I’d sign up and say what up.

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This site does not get much traffic it seems …
window warriors and wcr are not too bad …
Maybe we can try to get more engagement here… Luke and Reanna were huge inspirations and influences for myself and many others .