New to forum, need advice

Hi everyone, new to the forums glad to be here. I’m here because I need advice and I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. I recently opened my own window cleaning business in WA state and was doing great business during the summer but once winter hit it all pretty much came to a hault and there wasn’t much opportunity for store fronts where I lived to sustain me through the winter. So I decided to move to Florida, for two reasons. To be closer to family and your able to do windows year round. My question is, there’s possibly hundreds if not thousands of store front opportunities where I live now but I have a vacation coming up in April to South Africa and I will be there a month, so should I wait to canvass for store fronts when I get back and just stick to residential for now? Because I don’t want to go get a bunch of accounts then a few months from now have to tell them I’m leaving for a month and possibly loosing some accounts because of that because they won’t want to wait that long to get there windows cleaned and look for a new window cleaner. What should I do?

Find another local window cleaner near you that you can have them sub the contracts when you are away. You can start making money right away and helping out one of your local guys.

not sure how it is in the states but if your a one man band here in the UK you will typically stick to domestic only as it will allow you to simplify your round and increase profitability. commercial clients often dont want to pay for months. if I were you I would get the basic window cleaning poles from start door knocking to get customers, this is one of the fastest ways to add customers if you dont want to move into digital marketing