New buissness owner as of september 1 2019

Hello my name is junior im curious how to bid for intrior and extuior cleaning for windows by window or ect i live in central fl

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Where in central FL?

Start off by reading some of the posts under the “estimate help” topic. Most areas are around the same averages from what I noticed. When it comes down to details of pricing, start with the average, then get what you can. Are you going for commercial or residential?

Welcome to the group btw!

Both commercial and residential and we are out of st cloud fl near orlando i guess what im asking is intrior windows less in price per window or more and kinda what my area average is

Cool! Well like I said, spend some time searching through the estimate section and watch some videos. I’m from Ocala originally, but I’m in TN, your area shouldn’t be much different than most.

Not sure how experienced you are but from the diff posts, you’ll find pretty good averages. Just go from there.

Will do thanks

Hey welcome to the forum @Raylan! That’s kinda a tough question to answer. Like @AdamPWC said there are several threads on here about pricing. You can use the search bar above. Also there is a playlist on our youtube channel that may be helpful.