Need Bid Help and advice

Hey guys
Im a contractor 20+ yrs. I have done some window washing but am not a pro. Was asked to bid a local hospital because i own a 125’ arial lift. We just installed gutters. Located Missouri town pop 17,000

4 story building
Counting every little pane 860

If the windows have been washed it has be awhile.
Im not sure what local prices are. I have been watching all y’all’s videos different tools and techniques.
Looking advice.


We have done buildings similar to this and we used the Waterfed Pole system any where possible. It makes a huge difference. We also used a lift (interior and exterior) for most of the building.

Obviously, we had to use a mop and squeege for all of the interior glass.

Good luck!
Kim Sheehan
O’Neil’s Glass

Unfortunately not local to your market (I’m Central Florida), but when I am doing multi-story commercial I start at $2.50/pane/side for the first level. I then add $1 per level for the exterior. So the panes on the 4th level should be $5.50 each. That is with doing everything with a WFP from the ground

Since you own the lift, you already have a base rental rate for that.

The question is what do you have for window cleaning equipment? Are you Traditional washing or WFP?

I think the best way to calculate a fair price would be to determine how you plan on doing the cleaning, traditional or WFP. Then do a timed test with yourself or your slowest employee you would have doing the job, to determine how many windows you can clean in 15 minutes. Extrapolate that number to the amount of windows on the first level. How much would you need to charge to cover the overhead for that amount of time and then add 30-40% profit above that. That should be your starting point. If you have competition you can work within your profit margin, but you will at least know what your minimum amount is so you do not under bid yourself and lose money.

Also, running a WFP from the lift for the harder to reach windows you may not get from the ground due to building angles, may incur reduced water pressure and require booster pumps to maintain water flow.

New market rate is high so demand on market rates