Marketing help/chat! Im NOOB

So I started my window cleaning business as I was getting out of the janitorial industry. As I was getting all the legalities and everything set up to start my window cleaning business on my own, I started subcontracting for a large local company that was giving me $10k+ per month of work. Because I have been so busy with them for eight months, I haven’t had much time to work on my own business. I am now looking to start marketing and working towards attaining my own customers and my own business and doing less subcontracting for this large local company. My only thing now is I don’t know where to start for marketing.

I have set up LLC, and Insurance, spent way too much with HomeAdvisor which was a complete bust. I also spent a lot of marketing money with Yelp which turned out okay. I know that it would have been much better had I stuck with it longer and really focus on getting more review so my ROI on the ad money turned out better. I have a nice mobile first website and a separate phone line for my business. I also have business cards, uniforms, experience, Water fed pole, Etc. I just need any help for marketing.

Here it is, early spring in San Diego and the busy season is about to happen. Nobody knows about my business and I want to start putting the work work in. My main focus is residential homes because that Is where the money is here in San Diego.

Door hangers? Eddm? Adwords? Google Reviews?

I use AdWords a lot but some people don’t care for it. Setting up google my business is a must though. People in your area can see you on google maps for free.

I haven’t used AdWords yet, but I’m really considering it after not having luck with HomeAdvisor or Yelp. I have Google my business already set up as well as about 60 other search engines

Also, if you haven’t yet, use the search bar at the top of the page to search advertising. It’s a common subject to come up and many have shared their thoughts and opinions on what to use.

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Knock on the doors of local businesses and offer the store front and their home extior. Gobto the people you might already know on main st. Get them to see you at the local ma and pa restaurant. Especially the breakfast places. A lot of retired folk will want you right away. Leave business cards every where. Hit local grocery stores with the community boards. Hit kijiji and what people are going to in your city for local people. Push your website always.

Be consistent with your offerings and logo. I went with as my webpage. Black n white as with my business cards. You can be or whatever.