Louvres / Jalousie / Miami / Slat Window Repair Parts

We just had a 60 year old hardware store go out of business and I picked up all of their screen and window repair parts and supplies in the auction. Amongst the excess of stuff was a significant amount of Louvres / Jalousie / Miami window repair parts. All New In Box Old Stock. I still need to sort through all of it, but here in Central Florida they were a big thing from the 1940’s through the Mid 70’s, but newer homes don’t have them and older homes are more often replacing them with new double paned windows instead.

Anyone out there that runs into these windows a lot and might need a random part, let me know. I am going to photograph and try to identify and sort as much as possible.

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I did 1 beat down Jalousie job in Tavares this year, half the louvers would either fall out/calcified or the cranks would not work.

What do you have and how much do you want for it?

I know I have cranks and pivot arms. I am still sorting through the pile. If you want to send me some pictures of what you are looking to replace, I can search for them and give you a number.

Are you looking for the glass as well?

Just checked, but the client died so probably not going to need them.

Check with “Ace Window Repair” in the 352 area code, He would probably buy all that stuff.